1.) This picture looks like it could have been lifted from the movie Point Blank. The third member of Grady's defense team - David Schulson of the SAO's Public Corruption Unit (during the plea); 2.) Lead defense lawyer Rhea Grossman with Studly himself; 3.) Victim Erin Shifflett crying after the hearing with Attorney Todd Onore. This plea deal really is offensive to women in particular, isn't it? (sorry it took so long for us to really see it - chalk it up to chronic jading); 4.) Hilly on the stand; 5.) Jim DeFede, whose editing skills greatly expedited Dale Ross' fall from grace. We gave a frenzied pitch, hoping he'd do a feature on the mismanagement of the SAO - he looked pretty bored (Michael Putney is sitting next to him, and Ari Odzer was on the end); 6.) Chris breaks out the omelette bar at Hugh's (last week).


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