Carmel Cafiero keeps up the pressure on Larry Seidlin.  She has a feature running tonight at ten on Channel Seven, detailing some of the expenses the Seidlins made with the old lady's money.  The piece will also run Friday, between 5:30 and 6:30 PM.

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LA judge in Anna Nicole Smith case asks accused for handwriting samples

Broward to ax drug treatment for jail inmates


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  • 5/14/2009 3:44 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Howard could help pay the drug treatment bills by taking back the employee parking transponders from PRIVATE ATTORNEYS
  • 5/14/2009 4:29 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Hey 3:44 - You are in a dream world. When I left the PD's office the first thing they demanded back was my transponder. They said if I didn't give it back, it would cost me $35 and they would have it turned off electronically. If you hate Howard, just say so, but don't just make sh*t up.
  • 5/14/2009 4:46 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Just because you were not special enough to keep free parking does not make it a lie. Ride by the Juvi lot any day of the week and you will see a number of private lawyers who park there for free.
  • 5/14/2009 7:17 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Lawrence C. Roberts will be vindicated.
  • 5/14/2009 9:10 PM Anonymous wrote:
    you mean the chris roberts who was drunk at the bar at j.alexander's tonight. at least he took a cab home
  • 5/15/2009 8:00 AM BONE YARD OF THE MORALLY CORRUPT wrote:
    Uncle Larry, otherwise known a Schwarmy Seidlin should get the ax with no choice of condiment to accompany him on his way to the next world.
    The story involving another fallen Broward Judge just keeps getting worse. I mean, there are allot of Broward judges that mistakenly think they're some type of celebrity, but this guy really has achieved some type of notoriety, be it even of the most disgusting kind.
    Would you expect any more from an ex- Big Apple cab driver turned Broward Judge that thought after another chick named Ana entered his life he could parlay the circumstances of her death into launching a new career in Hollywood?
    I mean, Broward really is a very weird place having attracted some real winners and even more whiners (no pun intended).
    It's a regular Bone Yard of the morally corrupt.
    But do most of them have to serve as judges before seeking to have a star with their name on it and setting out to fleece elderly old ladies living in South Florida Condos whose families aren't keeping a watchful eye out for Broward Judges who find it too irresistible to pass up the temptation?
    On the "Yuck Scale" I find Former Judge Seidlin's actions to go right off the charts, even by what is Broward's Standardized System of Sleaze.
  • 5/15/2009 9:19 AM Anonymous wrote:
    It is true, he gives them out to private lawyers, just watch the lot in the morning or see who comes and goes after cal call. Has nothing to do with liking HF, employees make little enough so free parking is the least the county can do.
  • 5/15/2009 2:44 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Good one Seidlin. Maybe you should be on the board of your condo. That way you'll know who all the rich widows are. I still want to know how the Anna N. Smith exrays got in the dumpster of yor condo. Did you think they were going to be worth some money one day or what?
  • 5/15/2009 4:06 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Hey 4:46 - You don't need a transponder to park over at Juvi. Private lawyers park there at their own risk. Those lots are for PD emplolyees assigned to those buildings and they have a parking decal. Maybe one day those PA's will get towed.
  • 5/16/2009 8:15 AM Anonymous wrote:
    This Judge Seidlin is a scumbag. Did you see the report on what he was spending this old lady's money on?
  • 5/17/2009 2:13 PM The Winds of Change wrote:
    Larry, Larry, Larry. We have "Help Me, Howard" and "Help Yourself, Larry!" So there's not enough evidence to criminally prosecute him but there is enough to find elder abuse which may lead to a charge anyway. He skimmed over $400k in two years from a little old lady! What a guy! He's been around a long time doing little harm in probate and then they stuck him in family where he made to make his own decisions the proverbial **** hit the fan. In probate he had the clerk running the show telling him what to do. Interesting how he quit just as all of this stuff was breaking news. Not to mention his work ethic or lack of work ethic! I guess he's too sleezy even for TV fake court otherwise he'd be bringing his homespun wisdom to us every afternoon like Judge Judy and a host of others. Good riddance.
  • 5/18/2009 8:04 AM Uncle Larry to move back to NY? wrote:
    Rumor has it everyone's favorite fallen and disgraced judge (just one among the many these days) is no longer welcome by his condo association nor at the tennis club.
    Apparently when he's seen around town everyone is pointing fingers and calling him a crook as well as a few other well chosen adjectives. No telling!! uh.
    So is it back to NY to drive a cab again in an overcrowded but otherwise easy city to get lost in, or is he off to seek another retirement capitol to work over another old lady?
    Hey, things look pretty bad for Old Larry.
    I still want to know how the Anna N. Smith ex rays got into Larry's condo dumpster. Were they put there by another judge such as rumored (any guesses) or did Uncle Larry take them home form the court file as a memento of his spot in the sunshine?
  • 5/19/2009 10:19 AM Who's Crying Now? wrote:
    Seidlin made his bed and with the typical arrogance of Broward Judges never thought the story would come out. Sorry Larry, but the days of you and your type are thankfully over. I hope they roast you slowly over an open fire.

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