1.) Ari Porth, Dan Gelber, Mike Satz, Mike McAuliffe (PB SA), Dennis Ward (Keys SA), and some other guy at last Friday's press conference.  The event was sparsely attended, and mostly forced off the news by the BSO Beatdown video.  Miami SA Katherine Fernandez Rundle wasn't at the lip service fest, since she was all over TV the same day due to her office actually filing public corruption charges (in connection with a sting operation under the perfectly good existing laws).  SAO PIO Ron Ishoy kept the questions to a bare minimum, before things could get ugly.  There were maybe four or five in total, including the last one from a female reporter, who asked Mr. Satz why Broward had become "a cesspool of corruption under your watch".  Satz masterfully log rolled, explaining that the day was reserved for discussion concerning the new law, and that it should help battle wrongdoers in the future; 2.) Judicial candidate Lloyd Golburgh and Kevin Kulik.  Kulik's cheshire cat smile may have something to do with the rumor that a couple of circuit court judges will be receiving bad news on Monday; 3.) Mr. McGovern sits with Chief APD Frank Delatorre, while his lawyer Celine Abramschmitt argues for his release Friday (she informed the Court that BSO had sent an IA man to interview McGovern the night the video broke, even though they knew he was represented by the PD).  Predictably, the SAO argued for the standard $1500 bond to remain in place, despite the new evidence and eyewitness testimony, and the two months McGovern had already been locked up.  They made a big deal of his previous twenty-nine misdemeanor charges and a few felony resisting cases, without any consideration for mental health and/or substance abuse issues that often accompany homelessness.  Judge Haimes seemed bemused that the SAO wouldn't consider pretrial release, after inquiring of both sides early in the proceedings, although it seemed obvious how he would ultimately rule.  Just another day in Broward, where the SAO always refuses to do the right thing, whether to protect bad cops and/or to shield their neurotic core with a supposed "tough as nails" exterior; 4.) Who let the dog in?  BrowardBulldog.org's Dan Christensen; 5.) PD Howard Finkelstein and judicial candidate Jahra McLawrence give a warm "hello" to JAABCAM, while 6.) we seem to have the opposite effect on Messrs Marcus, Satz, and Morton.

Pulp: Public Defender Delivers Channel 7 Exclusive

Simple Justice: But For McGovern Video: Trust Me Edition (Cops don't lie. Unless there's a video)

Sentinel: Broward Sheriff's Office, Public Defender's Office at odds over arrest tape

BBeat: State Attorney Alu: We Need A New Courthouse

DeGroot: Snooze of the Century! Satz Awakens!

Herald: Stronger public corruption law is proposed for Florida

" ... there has never been a great deal of emphasis in that office on going after public officials.''

Sentinel Editorial: Legislature's plans to toughen ethics laws overdue


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  • 2/8/2010 7:24 AM 1st wrote:
    ha ha ha ha. i know this is a rip from norman's daily pulp. but damn it, it really is exhilarating to be 1st!
  • 2/8/2010 8:26 AM Anonymous wrote:
    Aren't you forgetting someone? Heard Alan Bernstein was about to make a sitting judges life a little more complicated, not to mention put the guy back to work in the real world pretty soon.
  • 2/8/2010 9:00 AM Alu's got this one wrong wrote:
    A new courthouse when the voters have made their voices abundantly clear on the subject. And who cares what Alu has to say on the subject Hasn't she had enough to say? There's nothing wrong with the old courthouse that a good cleaning couldn't solve. But it looks like he voters are going to have their chance when they vote out a number of judges this year. That's a good start.
  • 2/8/2010 10:56 AM Anonymous wrote:
    what kind of a dummy calls a press conference a couple days before the super bowl? how come they pay lawyers half what ishoy gets?
  • 2/8/2010 11:32 AM Anonymous wrote:
    FDR saved America.
  • 2/8/2010 12:05 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Everyone just relax, masterbate, the Saints won the Super Bowl. Yahooooo!
  • 2/8/2010 12:17 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Seidman must hate this picture of Jara and Finkelstein. He's never had to work so hard and weeknights too. No more off at 11:00.
  • 2/8/2010 12:27 PM Seidman wrote:
    He hasn't changed his routine at all from what I've heard. He's been a no-show at any event around town --- and no, going to the 10-13 club dinner isn't actually campaigning.

    Either he's not worried at all (foolish) or he's got other plans.
  • 2/8/2010 12:51 PM AdJewdicator wrote:
    Lee Jay is the stealth candidate. He doesn't want the condo folks to know he's a Bush appointed Republican and proud NRA card carrying member.
  • 2/8/2010 2:50 PM Who Cares wrote:
    Who cares who Jar Jar Binks poses with. I am sure the condo folks will vote for someone like Binks who has no real law experience and does not even know the law.
    LOL why not see who Howard s really endorsing rather than putting apix of Jar Jar on the blog.
  • 2/8/2010 10:41 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Ishoy makes a 100k why?

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