4 WAY!

Attorney Steve Schaet is filing for county court judge, challenging incumbent Judge Lee Seidman.  The race now becomes a four way, with Schaet joining previously announced challengers Nate Klitsberg and Jahra McLawrence.  The filing info should post today or Monday.

In other news, Judge Carlos Rebollo covered Judge Dale Cohen's docket today.  He reportedly told the lawyers that he will be there for a while.  Judge Joel Lazarus, previously picked as the interim judge, is apparently out.

Lastly, a tipster called with a "can't see the forest for the trees" moment.  The issue: did former ASA Howard Scheinberg prosecute or try any cases before Judge Ana Gardiner after the Loureiro case?  Obviously, now that the relationship has been proven, any convictions or terms of imprisonment might be in jeopardy.  Based on this concern, we called and left a message for Mike Satz and SAO PIO Ron Ishoy just a few minutes ago.  We deemed it an emergency, because if Scheinberg did, in fact, work cases before Gardiner after the relationship had blossomed, some individuals may be entitled to immediate post-conviction relief.  We'll let you know as soon as someone returns the call.

Never a dull moment in Satzland ...


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  • 3/5/2010 4:02 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Welcome to the Party Steve. Good to see that you're either in with, or at least buying, the ADJ's BS about jumping.
  • 3/5/2010 4:20 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Judge Rebollo's camp is well aware who is behind Bob Nicolas. Judy your daighter's opponents will amazingly come into a lot of néw contributions. Kevin and Howard, Judge Rebollo is disappointed. We, his advisors are telling him to take it personal. But Judge Rebollo is a man of integrity and will not take it personal.
  • 3/5/2010 4:38 PM Robert Nichols wrote:
    For the record, I never considered running against Judge Carlos Rodriguez. I am aware of the candidates and have no problem distinguishing one from another. Your information is inaccurate.
  • 3/5/2010 4:54 PM Anonymous wrote:
    WHy are you running against this Carlos then?
  • 3/5/2010 4:55 PM losers wrote:
    Lol, Carlos will be a former Judge by the time Judy's daughter will have an opponent. She has no August primary as she is the only dem in the race. Maybe threats and blustering bs works in Dade, Mr Milian and crew, but in Broward its a different ball game and Judy Stern will run circles around you guys. Put your time, energy and money into Carlo(s?) Pisani Rebollo.
  • 3/5/2010 5:03 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Im surprised SCHAET HAS THE FILING FEE since he has no clients
  • 3/5/2010 5:08 PM Filing Fees wrote:

    Equals 540 $10 coverage cases.

    He can do that between now and April 30.
  • 3/5/2010 5:08 PM Anonymous wrote:
    steve is no stranger to 4 ways and its itonic that this 4 way is with guys
  • 3/5/2010 5:09 PM Anonymous wrote:

    You never had a talk with Laystron, Stern, Peter Herman or Kulik about this race? You sure?
  • 3/5/2010 5:10 PM Anonymous wrote:
    make sure everyone gives him their seidman covergae cases
  • 3/5/2010 5:12 PM All Guys wrote:
    Really? Are you counting Seidman in that group as one of the guys? Seeing him and his wife clearly shows who wears the pants in that marriage, and it definitely ain't him.

    This one is getting more interesting every single day. So what's the story behind the Schaet/Seidman relationship (or lack of one).
  • 3/5/2010 5:13 PM Anonymous wrote:
    i guess he will have to raise his cover fees to make sure he can cover the filing fees or he can grind out the fees at the hard rock or seminole casino playing poker. maybe he and Feren can play on line poker when on the bench.
  • 3/5/2010 5:26 PM Anonymous wrote:
    It is so clear that 4:55 is A-turd.
  • 3/5/2010 5:29 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Welcome to JAAB Bob Nichols. So open forum, tell us why did you put in against such a good judge, Rebollo?
  • 3/5/2010 5:30 PM To 526 wrote:
    Thanks for your useless and, as usual, incorrect opinion ADJ.

    Maybe you should spend a few more minutes concerning yourself that you are in now in a 4-way race while other incumbents don't even have challengers as of yet.

    Doesn't that say something about the immense dislike that so many actually have for you, not because you are a "tough" judge, but because you are an all-around A-hole!
  • 3/5/2010 5:41 PM Anonymous wrote:
    I am happy to read that you are able to “distinguish” one candidate from another, a basic human ability. My concern is your ethical and moral behavior, how are you on those points?
    For example, backstabbing, lying or perhaps conducting an un-warranted attack on a judge whose experience, integrity and basic knowledge of the law FAR surpasses you. I guess I might respect you more if you weren’t being so underhanded and frankly LAZY about trying to get a judicial position. But, fear not, you will be very busy no doubt going up against the likes of Judge Rebollo.
    OH, and “for the record” No, this isn’t his “camp or the good Judge himself, just an attorney concerned with the quality of judges that we DO have on the bench and keeping them where they belong. Judge Rebollo has my vote because of his proven record and demeanor, along with the ability to distinguish right from wrong not just the names of the candidates.
  • 3/5/2010 5:52 PM Anonymous wrote:
    I agree. I am not in Judge Rebollo's camp, yet. I would be honored if he asked me to help him.

    Carlos Rebollo is one of the true gentlemen in the Courthouse. He is totally qualified to be a Circuit Court Judge.

    He had a stellar career as a trial lawyer and is universally respected by the Judges, prosecutors and Defense bar.

    Mr. Nichols has made a strange choice indeed.
  • 3/5/2010 5:54 PM Anonymous wrote:
    what about the other defendants that she discussed the case adversly with ASA.JENNE.SATZ.and decided outcomes even before the case was finished? SHE will remember what she did,and to whom and to how many any WHY.These should be brought forward too, she prevented the appeals, they need a chance to comeforth at least honestly this time.
  • 3/5/2010 6:01 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Schaet would make a good judge and contrary to what is written above, he has many clients. I saw him do a great job with all of them today.
  • 3/5/2010 6:29 PM bad judges get more opponents wrote:
    All bad judges should get two or more opponents. It is the only way to ensure that we get rid of all bad judges and practice a true rotation system. Your are fired by the public for being a bad judge.
  • 3/5/2010 6:29 PM Go Steve Go wrote:
    Steve Schaet would make a great job...even greater if he knocked seidman O-U-T!!!
  • 3/5/2010 6:36 PM Help me please Howard wrote:
    Hispanic judges and African American Judges are vulnerable. Yet, only the Hispanic judges have opponents. A hispanic, that moron, alex arreaza ran against Finkelstein. Does anyone see an anti-hispanic sentiment by Finkelstink and Ku-lick?
  • 3/5/2010 6:45 PM Anonymous wrote:
    All 4 suck! We have to come up with some better candidates!
  • 3/5/2010 8:24 PM first thing wrote:
    First thing is Carlos needs to lose those Mr. Rogers sweaters.
  • 3/5/2010 8:25 PM hanging chad wrote:
    It really is something in the water! The results are in before the race begins. Seidman won't be there long which means the other three can have all the fun they want. The results are equally as predictable among the remaining three. Klitzberg is going to be equated to Hindenburg psychologically so the big burn goes to him. The other two will trail by 16 percent. Rooty toot toot.
  • 3/5/2010 8:31 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Then were does that leave Scheinberg, with just a bag of hot air?
  • 3/5/2010 8:46 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Lazarus wussies out again. Things must be too hot.
  • 3/5/2010 8:48 PM Go Schaet wrote:
    I cant say that I know Nate and I have seen Jahra only a few times in the courthouse so I cant say aanything about them. I do know Steve and he has always been extremely courteous to the employees of the courthouse and he has a good way about him in the courtroom. As far as I am concerned he would be a welcome to the bench and he has my vote.
  • 3/5/2010 8:54 PM Anonymous wrote:
    It's becoming a judicial circus. Allot of anti incumbent sentiment out there.
  • 3/5/2010 8:57 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Mr. Nichols has made the best choice.
  • 3/5/2010 9:14 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Schaet has my vote too. It should be a landslide actually.
  • 3/5/2010 9:18 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Which temple does Schaet belong to -- oh wait, none.....hmmm, going to be a bit harder than he contemplated, no?
  • 3/5/2010 10:06 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Scxheinberg was in homicide most of those years. He probably only had a few cases with his girlfriend. Did he help other lawyers and cover stuff or argue motions? You'll never find out because they won't tell.
  • 3/5/2010 11:07 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Satzland is not good.Lets look at the juvenile unit.The secretaries are at one another like no tomorrow. Heard Jackie just does not give in,she has everyone at one another.What is wrong with the supervisor of that unit.Think it,s time to let Hofhinez know what is really going on in there.No one does nothing until someone gets hurt.When people go over the supervisor,s head she has a fit we hear.That unit is so so so corrupt that it should be investigated.Beginning with Tina Scopa and her stories,That her co-workers hear her conversations and never there why?She has more problems than any one in the whole SAO.But they believe everything she says or she has enough info.on everyone she has worked with that they let her come and go as she pleases.Lynch knows all of what is going on but she plays with everyone.The funniest part no one likes her either.She is a good for nothing.Heard Alex is not in that unit no more.What is she or how is she coping with that .He would tell her how to handle the secretaries.Heard he could not handle himself when the move came.Satz and Hofhinez better get to what is going on in that unit before something goes bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Or is that what everyone is waiting for????????
  • 3/5/2010 11:12 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Why is it the best choice?

    Because Carlos Rebollo is a bad Judge, or because Rebollo is a bad name on the ballot?
  • 3/9/2010 8:30 AM Anonymous wrote:
    Nobody covers the ti traffic docket like schaet
  • 3/9/2010 8:47 AM Anonymous wrote:
    Of all 4 candidates schaet is clearly the least qualified. When schaet is in the courthouse is he really there for his clients or other attorneys. Schaet goes to court for other peoples cases not his. Who is his campaig mgr plant. Steve has just wasted 5 k. U should all send him your coverage since he just spent his whole months salary on filing fees. Who are we kidding Steve probably grinded out the filing fees playing poker. You have a limited chance of winning Steve and you know it. While youmay have a littl. Support of about 25 people in the courthouse you have no support outside it. The other candidates including seidman have a lot of support outside the courthouse.
  • 3/9/2010 12:27 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Then you clearly do not know the real steve. He does not treat everyone nice he is pulling the wool over your eyes
  • 3/9/2010 12:31 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Nobody handles the extremely important no valid dl like Steve. Steve does not have a grasp of case law from what I know he cab certainly handle the all important ti cases though

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