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  • 8/25/2012 5:20 PM Storm wrote:
    How long do you think it will take before Gelin either blames Diaz for the storm or reports that he didn't show up on Monday?
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  • 8/25/2012 5:56 PM Mr. Facts wrote: 1s 6 years old, it is ranked #2,670,950 in the world, a low rank means that this website gets lots of visitors. This site is worth $1,297 USD and advertising revenue is $0 USD per day. This site has 90 visitors and 117 pageviews per day. Its IP address is, and its server is hosted at Scottsdale, United States. The server distance from you is 1,427.15 km (886.79 miles). Last updated on Sat, 11 Aug 2012 02:42:07 GMT.
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  • 8/25/2012 6:02 PM Anonymous wrote:
    6 years of making Broward a better place! Keep it up. Here is to another 6 years. Cheers.
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  • 8/25/2012 7:33 PM Mr Dummy wrote:
    And what about Jaablog, the actual blog found at (not as Mr. Dummy is trying to portray)?

    Please provide a link for the visitors and page views on
    I'd like to see if these numbers cited by Mr. Facts are accurate and then I'd like to check all the other sites I enjoy on the web to see how many people go there.
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  • 8/25/2012 8:15 PM Anonymous wrote:
    The blog can be found at both addresses. I use: because it doesn't come up with the large blue header and the awful music. When someone Googles "Jaablog" the address is what comes up.
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  • 8/25/2012 9:36 PM Anonymous wrote:
    It's not possible to determine how many hits a website gets. That's proprietary information.

    To Mr. Facts, proprietary is a big word meaning relating to ownership.
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  • 8/25/2012 10:34 PM Mr. Facts wrote:
    Respectfully, Sir, you don't know what is a "hit" as it pertains to internet site counters. In fact, every time you go to this blog, your single view results in hundreds of "hits." As you can see, I have said this with barest fo sarcasm (a relatively small word).
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  • 8/25/2012 11:17 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Where's the link to your information showing 90 daily visitors Mr. Facts?

    Could it be there is no such link? Could it be Mr. Facts or The Truth is once again lying?

    Respectfully, Sir, I hope you are not a supporter of Judge Robert Diaz. I believe Judge Diaz would be gravely disappointed to have dishonest people spreading lies in a misguided effort to support him. Whether Judge Diaz wins or loses the election I am confident he will behave honorably and expect all those trying to help him to do likewise.

    Mr. Facts, you are a liar but Judge Diaz is not.
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  • 8/26/2012 1:23 AM Anonymous wrote:
    Monday will be a day off for everyone and just another average day for Bob.
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  • 8/26/2012 8:10 AM Anonymous wrote:
    check here
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  • 8/26/2012 9:16 AM Anonymous wrote:
    LOL no info on visitors or page views. LIAR.
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  • 8/26/2012 12:29 PM Anonymous wrote:
    You can just tell it is Judges or their friends that are making the negative comments. The rest of us are tired of getting taken advantage of as taxpayers and citizens from the shameful behaviour and abuse of these so called 'public servants". Thank goodness for Mr. Gelin. It took a lot of guts for him to take them on. He's a legend in my family and among my friends who have been here over 30 years and know the corruption
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  • 8/26/2012 12:42 PM Anonymous wrote:
    "Thank goodness for Mr. Gelin. ... . He's a legend in my family and among my friends"

    You misspelled "legend in his own mind."
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  • 8/26/2012 2:18 PM Anonymous wrote:
    I hope Diaz wasn't one of the Judges advising CJ Weinstein to close the courthouse Monday. It's a shame to shut down justice for a few isolated showers. If it was Diaz I wouldn't be surprised. This way he gets a day off without the blogging about it.
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  • 8/26/2012 3:11 PM Campaign Update wrote:
    Boy, am I tired. I spent all day over at Century Village, installing storm shutters for Gert and the gals. I was soaking wet, let me tell you. Still, it was nice when they made me a nice warm cup of hot chocolate with a nip of brandy served with some of those green Andes mints. I really needed the pep talk they gave me too, I'm not ashamed to say. It's nice to have made such good friends who are going to help me win in November. Ok, I have to go now. There should be enough daylight left to put the shutters up on my own house if I hurry.
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  • 8/26/2012 3:24 PM Anonymous wrote:
    The way Diaz carries that IPad around everywhere I bet he hits the blog at least 90 times a day all by himself.
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  • 8/26/2012 3:56 PM Closure wrote:
    Closing the court house was a very bad idea. Now over a thousand hearings will have to be reset. Man up everyone. It's just a little rain.
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  • 8/26/2012 3:56 PM Author's singoTa wrote:
    12:29, your comment may be the funniest one this year. Keep up the good work.
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  • 8/26/2012 4:34 PM Anonymous wrote:
    90 visitors?

    Wait a sec,aren't there 90 Judges in Broward?. Just saying.....
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  • 8/26/2012 5:32 PM Schadendudes wrote:
    Judges love Jaab except when they're the ones on it. All they do is trash each other behind closed doors. Kind of sad.
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  • 8/26/2012 5:36 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Chief Judge Backman blew the call. It's nothing more than a drizzle.
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  • 8/26/2012 7:40 PM Docket Clerk in Drop wrote:
    First App. @ 8:30 am Monday!
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  • 8/26/2012 7:57 PM Anonymous wrote:
    No work tomorrow! This must be what it feels like to be a Judge!
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  • 8/26/2012 9:25 PM REPENT wrote:
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  • 8/26/2012 9:54 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Score one for the new courthouse.

    Since the garage is now closed the Judges get wet when it rains.

    Expect a lot more days off over the next 8.5 years of construction.
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  • 8/26/2012 10:27 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Poor Bob. He'll never see the inside of Judge Banks' luxurious new courthouse Chambers after spending 20 years in that dumpy room on the fourth floor.
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  • 8/27/2012 5:52 AM Anonymous wrote:
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  • 8/27/2012 5:57 AM Anonymous wrote:
    why has mr facs been blocked
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  • 8/27/2012 7:39 AM democrat wrote:
    he hasn't been blocked he is under control
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  • 8/27/2012 8:26 AM Anonymous wrote:
    Mr. Facts was able to get his shrink to call in an emergency script and is now safely back on his meds.
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  • 8/27/2012 8:58 AM Anonymous wrote:
    Backman isn't the CJ; Judge Greene is.
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  • 8/27/2012 9:09 AM Anonymous wrote:
    Wonder if clients will notice when we bill for mondays court appearance
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  • 8/27/2012 10:46 AM Anonymous wrote:
    Tell them they all got warrants for missing court today and charge more
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  • 8/27/2012 10:57 AM Anonymous wrote:
    routines are hard to change
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  • 8/27/2012 11:15 AM Anonymous wrote:
    why does Diaz walk around with that ipad again?? Is that his personal ipad or a court issued ipad?
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  • 8/27/2012 3:17 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Is he blog addicted or something?
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  • 8/27/2012 4:22 PM Isaacwuz Here wrote:
    Dear Closure at 3:56:

    Some of us had damage and power outages at our residences. If you were LUCKY enough to not this happen, good for you. WE appreciate the "Snow Day".

    Maybe next time we'll be blessed saying it's a wasted day, while you're crying ass is looking for a demolition company to haul away all the crap that got destroyed in the nothing storm.

    Payback is a Biotch and I'm a big one!
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  • 8/27/2012 5:36 PM Court Closed Through Friday wrote:
    Due to flooding
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  • 8/27/2012 9:49 PM Court Tomorrow wrote:
    There is court tomorrow yet the fake link was admittedly clever.
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  • 8/28/2012 7:13 AM Richard Nixon wrote:
    Mr. Facts has the right stuff. Haldeman, give him a job!
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  • 8/28/2012 3:36 PM Dazed and Confused wrote:
    Sat in on Judge Holmes court room. I thought Judges needed to be impartial. Well this Judge is a partial and ignorant as it gets. She is a low class
    Woman who got some education. Her sister is a BSO officer, when she opens her mouth she sounds like shes from the Uneducated part of town! I have never seen anyone as fullof themself as Judge Holmes! She said that she wants to swim nude in the sea of galilee and she sounded more like a preacher than a judge. Way to go satz, way to go broward, once again I am so unimpressed by another Judge. Judge Holmes takes the cake though. She is the most ignorant educated woman I have met in a while! She is also so partial and has ruined so many futures in the name of GOD(blind faith). Each timemshe opens her mouth mucho mierda comes out...If you are in her court room you are doomed to ignorance and partiality.
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