Ron Gunzburger is in as Scott Israel's General Counsel over at BSO.  This is old news, but since Gunzburger's resignation to old boss Lori Parrish at the Property Appraiser's Office (BCPA) didn't become official until yesterday, we figured we'd hold off.  It looks like former APD Jerrod Mathias, already at BCPA, will step into Gunzburger's shoes as co-General Counsel, while Mila Schwartzreich, also a former APD, has been plucked from BSO to serve as BCPA's co-General Counsel and Director of Administration.  Another attorney is handling the transition for Israel, while Gunzburger finishes up at the BCPA.

The Schwartzreich jump has some obvious implications, considering she has twice sought constitutional office in the past.  As everyone knows, this is Lori's last term at BCPA, meaning a successor with a high profile needs to be groomed.  Could it finally be Schwartzreich's big moment?  Developing ...

Here's what Lori had to say about losing Ron:

"I'm torn.  From my professional standpoint, I hate losing Ron for the BCPA, but from a personal friend perspective, I understand.  He's going from 206 employees and a $20 million budget to nearly 7000 employees and a $730 million budget.  I'm excited and happy for him to get the chance.  Ron will be an absolute asset to Scott Israel."

As far as other developments over at BSO, all hell is supposedly breaking loose.  We'll try to update later, if time allows ...


 Reportedly posted in "BSO HR", last week ...

Coming Soon - Ana, Ana, Ana, Ana, Ana, Ana, Ana ...


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  • 11/14/2012 1:12 PM Guest Leo wrote:
    I also heard a number of Ft lauderdale officers are jumping to BSO due to fact Israel is former Flpd captain.
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  • 11/14/2012 7:15 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Allot of changes coming down the pike! And some you might not expect.
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  • 11/14/2012 7:53 PM Anonymous wrote:
    I heard BSO will be adopting a new mascot under Israel. A jack in the box with a police club which wacks people in the head when least expecting it.
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  • 11/19/2012 4:45 PM Campaign Insider wrote:
    You will now get updates from a true blue democratic campaign insider who was actively involved in both (2008 & 2012)Scott Israel for Sheriff races. Bill Gelin was sent some very interesting news about the people who donated over 1.2 million dollars to Lamberti's racist and corrupt political machine. Specifically, The "Securing Our Safety ECO". Which is a Pro-Republican Sheriff's Candidate, Al Lamberti Electioneering Communications Organization.

    Here' a little teaser to get you started. Name the prominate democratic law firm that claims to be the biggest, natonally known, democratic law firm in South florida who betrayed the Democratic Party and the Broward Sheriff's candidate who shares the same religious faith of many of their partners in the firm?

    Hint, their name rimes with pecker jerk your walley off. You guessed it right Broward boys and girls, the one and only:


    Amount: $2,500.00
    Date check was donated to Lamberti ECO:
    October 31, 2012

    Great job Pecker boys!!!
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  • 11/19/2012 5:44 PM Dear Trial Tom wrote:
    Thanks Tom, does Hurley know you love another and worse he is a Democrat???????
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  • 11/19/2012 10:40 PM not surprised... wrote:
    disgusting..Becker Poliakoff portraying themselves one way. For such a "economical" law firm. They sure are able to part with money when it is going into the wrong hand. Well at least people know the truth now.
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  • 11/19/2012 11:54 PM Fake B&P Partner Memo wrote:
    To: All Fake Becker & Poliakoff Partners
    From: Management Committee
    RE: 2012 Year End Report

    Fake Colleagues - The Management Committee brings you grave news.

    Despite another record year of revenues and profits, Fake Becker & Poliakoff faces imminent demise. While we have grossed over $200 million in revenues this year and are making distributions to equity partners of at least $500,000 each, we have been flamed on the internet by the infamous "Trial Tom"....

    Unfortunately, despite our status as one of the largest law firms in Florida, representing thousands of civil clients and representing creditors committees in multiple major bankruptcies, being called out on JAABlaw will have a materially negative impact on our operations.

    We gave $2,500 to a political committee that supported an incumbent county-wide politician in Broward. This donation was approximately 1% of the committee's finances, but the incumbent lost.

    And now, even though we do no work for this political agency, we face (gasp)....negative blog posts. Well, actually just one negative blog post, by a supposed "campaign insider" for the winning candidate.

    And to add to the dilemna, there are probably TENS OF PEOPLE who read this blog that actually care about what we did. The shame of being called out to literally TENS OF PEOPLE is something we will never live down.

    As a result of this shame, we are closing our doors immediately. All as a result of this blog post by "campaign insider" -- the dastardly (and very bald) blogger.....

    I hope that you all understand and will hopefully be able to find employment despite the stigma of our having made this $2,500 donation. Please forgive us.


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