Rosenthal Redux - it looks like Lynn Rosenthal is definitely headed to Criminal, and always was, rumors to the contrary be damned.  The winner of David Krathen's tax-payer sponsored crown is apparently headed to Dependency after all, while Rosenthal, Mike Rothschild, and Marc Gold will be filling the previously mentioned holes in Felony Lock-Up.  We've been cautioned not to place too much reliance on scuttlebutt as to which specific division each of the aforementioned will be assigned within the Criminal Division (for instance, Rosenthal is reportedly now going to Perlman, Rothschild to Lynch, and Gold to Rebollo), so everyone will just have to wait until the hotly anticipated Administrative Order is issued.  Hopefully everyone has had as much fun as we've had forum sho..., sorry, guessing where judges will be going come January, so stand by with your red markers to see how our picks match up with the soon to be released official scorecard ...

Pearl Harbor Day ... is December 7th, coincidentally the same date circuit court wannabes will interview with Rick Scott in the hopes of replacing Krathen.  Will all those not named Fry and Scherer see their candidacies evaporate on the same momentous day when so many American heroes paid the ultimate price in service to the Nation?  And are Scherer people really supporting Jon Fry, in the hopes Liz Scherer will quickly be awarded the county chair vacated by Fry's promotion?  The Governor has certainly been full of surprises in his judicial picks thus far, so wait and see ...

Hey Rick Scott - included in the group of names to replace Krathen is one Charles Morehead, familiar to blog readers as a former member of Grievance Committee H ("GCH"), which once investigated Howard Scheinberg.  Some may remember GCH being scrapped, after a reportedly extensive investigation of the Scheinberg/Gardiner/Loureiro affair had been conducted, due to TITANIC SIZED LEAKS emanating from deep within the highly confidential proceedings.  Grievance Committee J was then hastily convened, as we reported back in June of last year.  At the time there was strong buzz that Morehead may have been responsible for some of the cracks in the mandated cone of silence, causing us great pause today, considering discretion is one of the pillars upon which a circuit court judgeship is predicated.  When reached a few weeks ago concerning this very issue, Morehead offered an official "No Comment" concerning his possible role in rumored leakage.  In any event, let's hope the Governor asks the same questions, just to clear the air ...

Viva Democracy! - a fun time was had by all those involved in the SAO election, according to all accounts.  Jim Lewis and Chris Mancini deserve Harry Gulkin Awards for Herculean efforts on behalf of everyone living in Broward County.  Satz is now on record babbling incessantly to anyone who would listen supporting non-incarcerative measures for drug offenders, as well as other flabbergasting, contrary statements concerning the peculiarly relentless war he's personally been waging against druggies the last thirty years.  We believe Lewis and Mancini are also personally responsible for the massive increase in minority hiring at our beloved SAO, as well as the discretion young prosecutors no longer seem afraid to wield according to justice, their oaths, and their consciences.  Simply put, some people will say anything to get elected, even if it means having to abide by those words later.  In closing, let's not forget the absolutely priceless moments when Satz offered creepy silence in response to Mancini's debate queries over the State Attorney's refusal to apologize and accept responsibility for destroying lives of the known wrongfully convicted, or Satz's almost as creepy boast that he will never, ever retire ...

Save the date (for now) - Gardiner's trial is still on for November 27-28, up in Palm Beach.  Depositions of key witnesses are being taken as we gossip, some scheduled right up to November 16th.  Is another continuance on the horizon?  Stay tuned ... 

Coming Soon - BSO Transition Broadside!;  Let my people go: Will Scott Israel kill racist crack cocaine residue felonies once and for all?

You can jump into the fire, but you'll never be free ...

            Breathless (1960)

Q: What is your greatest ambition in life?

A: To become immortal ... and then die.


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  • 11/14/2012 11:43 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Is it true they are creating a special division for all red light traffic tickets and Julio Gonzalez is going to be the full time magistrate?
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  • 11/14/2012 11:52 PM Anonymous wrote:
    for his sake i really hope there isn't a follow up election
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  • 11/15/2012 5:40 AM Skip K. wrote:
    On Scott Israel, how far will he go in cleaning house? How far can he go? For example,a certain former politician [bully] now Fire Chief really went all out for the ousted Sheriff...
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  • 11/15/2012 8:17 AM Thanks Skip wrote:
    Thanks for the tip Skip.

    Of course everyone knows that that same fire cheif was the go to person between the Sheriff and Julio's campaign manager Judy Stern. Also well known was what some would say were coordinated campaign efforts between the Gonzalez campaign and Lamberti. For example the first 3 sections Sun Sentinel in the last weekend before the election had banner ads for Howard Forman(friend of Stern), Julio and Lamberti. Those Rothstien folks sure stick together through think and thin I guess.
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