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David Crow's
judicial assistant confirmed minutes ago that Florida Bar v. Ana Gardiner is a go.  No last minute emergency motions have been filed, which means trial will begin tomorrow morning as scheduled, running through Wednesday.  Unless some last minute deal is in the works, stay tuned for what promises to be one heck of a bumpy ride for all concerned.  Mainstream media will be in attendance, so stay tuned ...


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  • 11/27/2012 9:34 AM JoeShmoe wrote:
    Almost 17 hours since this was posted, and no comments? I hope this ends quickly for all involved so the parties can get on with their lives.
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  • 11/27/2012 10:05 AM Rambo wrote:
    Rambo says:

    Ana walks
    The "fix is on"
    "Pay to play"
    FL Bar is a farce
    Ana is Bar.
    FL Bar = self preservation of a
    privileged class.

    Bar's well kept dirty little secret is it is a "private" fiefdom, not gov't.

    Bar including Ken Marvin ain't state paid or publically accountable employees

    Any doubt ? Try to send FL Bar a gov't in sunshine records demand ?

    Bar is managed and run solely on
    private dues. $25 million per year.

    94,000 FL lawyers x $225/yr =

    To quote Mel Brooks in History of the
    World Part II, "It's great to be
    King" (or Queen or Despot)

    Do you think that a thickly stuffed envelop,free leased Lexus does not work as well with the right FL Bar employee as it does with Club's Caddymaster for a 9am tee time on Xmas or the Matre'D on for a 8 pm Saturday night seating on all you can eat jumbo stone crab and Champagne festival?
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  • 11/27/2012 6:23 PM Anonymous wrote:
    to 9;34n they have learnt a lesson from the election of judges, Dont pre determine, let things have its natural way, one might end up being more pleased.
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  • 11/27/2012 8:56 PM true believer wrote:
    The prosecution was a joke--the bar prosecutor hardly even cross examined some witnesses and even refused to cross others. It IS the joke we all expected, but Bogey was great.--He is sooooo good he could probably even talk the Jews out of the Holocost. Hope the Judge sees through the smoke and mirrors even without any effective cross.
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  • 11/27/2012 10:58 PM Anonymous wrote:
    I wonder who wrote this. I saw Bogey on video news clip and he did not look great.
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  • 11/28/2012 12:23 AM Agreed wrote:
    While the prosecution definitely did not look good, i was not impressed with Bogey. His best defense is that ana had some deaths in the family. Would gardiner have let her defendants off the hook for such an excuse?
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  • 11/28/2012 9:33 AM true believer wrote:
    agreed--Bogey was the master of non-substance boo hoo hoo. But the psychologists testimony was erratically contradictory and not attacked, particularly by even asking an alternative theory question to the great depression: Could a phony like ana get depressed at finally getting caught and exposed after so many spend so much time protecting and covering up he criminal actions by dishonest and illegal rulings on the bench because her whole fraudulent existence was now finally being challenged. After all, 2 of her crim def atty wits stated they feared drawing her because she had "a reputation in the community" for being very pro prosecutor, a recognized partial bias and appearance of impropriety favoring one party over the other that she also does not reveal at the outset of every trial. and as far as knowing the law as all said she did--NOTHING was said about the fact she does not always follow the law as written and decided when she can benefirt the state and destroy someone's life by fraudulently, falsely by act or omission applying it or ignoring it at the request of the state.
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  • 11/28/2012 9:39 AM true believer wrote:
    the bottom like at the end of the day is did she or didn't she and will "no-nonsense" Crow make the truthful call. Nothing put on so far has denied or disproved the allegations of her dishonesty. What IS telling is that she did not have the honesty to admit her dishonesty as the Canons require. And harmlessness does not change the fact of the acts.
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  • 11/29/2012 10:04 AM Anonymous wrote:
    are they back with Crow today?
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  • 11/29/2012 8:15 PM true believer wrote:
    What I DO know is what the Bar refused to put on--acts of omission--that would demonstrte proof positive and presumption great (either and/or under the JQC rules) of criminal activity and pattern of first degree and life felonies she knowingly committed in her rulings and the problem is--she was then the fair haired female Hispnic highly promotable shill. As Butterworth testified for Bogey without any cross is that his desire and design was to increase the balance of female and Hispanic Judges to appear to match Florida's population. Another issue the bar refused to ask bogey's MH pro--and incredibly competent veteran testifyer of several thousand appointments is that Gardiner's "deep, profound depression" was quite reasonably caused because he ;ife was falling apary because she got caught and was NOT climbing the ladder. Prior to this hearing the bar was provided with extensive evidence based on court records as well as this was not the first JQC complaint charging her with criminally violating Canon 2, refusal to respect and comply with the law, Canon 3 failure and refusal to follow the law WHILE being professionally competent in it thereby violating Canon as other sections of 2 & 3 that involven extensive dishonesty and clear and declared bias in favor of the state.
    The problem is that in her "golden girl" days too many other judges and lawyers rallied behind he to protect and conceal her known criminal actions and wpuld also have been exposed. (the witness list against her included 12 current and former FL S. Ct. Justices but the complaint was dismissed explaining there was nobody on the JQC capable of detrermining if she failed to follow the law.
    But here's the big bite of the apple--the bar prosecutor is also a lawyer and according to to her own bar rules--she is required to present this criminal and fraudulent activity leading to a to a direct violation of statutory law to the nearest tribunal even AFTER the conclusion of the proceedings.
    Therefore, the bar prosecutor is now complicit and just as guilty as Gardiner.
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  • 11/29/2012 8:51 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Of "the witness list against her included 12 current and former FL S. Ct. Justices"

    How many (witnesses) are the same for Watson?
    I think Judge Crow is watching a "Re-Run"

    Juror # 101117524
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  • 11/29/2012 10:51 PM pressure is on Bogey wrote:
    It is one thing to have the pressure of trying major cases for money, it is a totally different story when it your steady piece of hot latin tail on the line. He loses, Ana will be looking for the banana somwhere else.
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  • 11/30/2012 8:33 AM two who know wrote:
    which of us are"MORE EQUAL"
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  • 11/30/2012 8:45 AM BRANNON's TESTIMONY wrote:
    what was mike brannon's testimony like re gardiner?
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  • 11/30/2012 10:41 AM FINALLY wrote:
    Back to Brannon! Yes! Yes! Yes! That guy is always in the middle of everything! Yes! Yes! Yes!
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  • 1/4/2013 2:43 AM Thriveni wrote:
    This article was written very well, thanks to the author to share and look forward to the next article is still useful.
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  • 10/2/2013 3:42 AM home based business wrote:
    I wonder who wrote this. I saw Bogey on video news clip and he did not look great.
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