Scott Israel's November election immediately set off alarm bells in courthouse circles regarding the highly successful Pretrial Release program.  Powerful bondsmen were early supporters of Israel, and their distaste for the program has been aired everywhere from the courthouse cafe to the County Commission.  Early feedback after the election was positive, namely "not to worry" about Pretrial, but today we're hearing something entirely different. 

Notices have reportedly been sent out notifying Pretrial's top brass that their services will no longer be required after January 8th.  Whether it's a house cleaning to reward Israel supporters with the vacated top level positions, or a clear indication Pretrial as we know it is doomed, remains to be seen.  In any event, if true, it's a shame.  The program has been a tremendous success, largely due to the efforts of the current management team.  To cut them loose after years of dedicated service in the name of politics, or as a prelude to gutting the program in the name of capitalism, results in a major disservice to the citizens of Broward County.

Developing ...

*UPDATE* - a source in the Israel camp reports this is merely a change in personnel, on par with other changes being made in the upper echelons over at BSO.  Sad news for Pretrial's current management, but heartening to hear major changes may not be forthcoming in Pretrial's current practices ...




SS: Israel fires 26, unveils command staff


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  • 12/19/2012 10:10 AM Give us both sides wrote:
    Why dont you talk to Wayne Spath and give us both sides of this argument. Yes this does benefit him BUT he will also show you the files he has complied of serious criminals released on our streets under this program. Also, let us address the fact that Pre-Trial had limited resources and little incentive to get back skips. As a county agency no one at Pre Trial is out any money if a skip is not brought back, at least with the bondsman they have a built in incentive to bring back a skip.

    The other issue is that it costs at least two million dollars a year (not to mention pensions, beneifts to the employees)to run Pre-Trial. Why should the taxpayers foot this bill when if these people are bonded out where is no cost or responibility to the taxpayer?

    One thing for sure, this looks like the first shot over the bow by the new Sheriff at Finkelstien who was the biggest proponent of pre trial.
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  • 12/19/2012 10:52 AM Anonymous wrote:
    Firing one person is a "bloodbath"? Going a bit overblown in the headline, me thinks.
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  • 12/19/2012 1:45 PM Anonymous wrote:
    its more than one
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  • 12/19/2012 3:33 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Yes, why did Debbie get canned too?
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  • 12/19/2012 6:47 PM Where Thou Bread is Buttered wrote:
    Yes, vindictive politics suck.
    At least three have been fired from the Pre-trial Program, not just the top dog.
    Merry Christmas (and good luck getting another job in this economy)!
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  • 12/19/2012 8:26 PM Anonymous wrote:
    isn't that pic of the BSO deputy that got in trouble for driving the dolphin player home from jail--personal escort home?
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  • 12/20/2012 1:01 AM The Foot and boots wrote:
    I love the FLPD. Thank God they are taken over yeahhhhhhhhh. True men of Honor. Fire them all Sheriff. Tell them all to go kick rocks. 28 is not enough though. Like the new list of heros also, even though some need a little more schooling on the woman side they can do both school and work this is the year of the woman. The rest resume looks so lovely. Know maybe Broward will see some real changes. Oh hell Satzy is still there SMDH.
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  • 12/20/2012 1:23 AM Anonymous wrote:
    They do it all the time here. It is called serve and pertect. Inwhich BSO knows nothing about. Officer heart from FTPD one time went ot my house to tell hubby wifey got locked up for driving on a supended lic. He is retired or moved on know thank you Officer Heart. True heros. Haaa. FLPD Rocs. Oh and God is real. Isreal do you thing.
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  • 12/20/2012 12:18 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Hey Wayne apologist! How many people out on bond commit new crimes? He'll wasn't the president of your bondsman association locked up for impersonating a LEO after he pulled over a truck full of SWAT members?
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  • 12/20/2012 2:02 PM Killer Sheriff wrote:
    This is a guy who openly bragged about the number of people he has personally ordered to be killed in his campaign you really think he'd have a problem with locking up a mentally ill street person to boost his stats? Prepare for a population explosion in our jails folks!
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  • 12/21/2012 12:12 PM curious wrote:
    Does this mean we will enter a new era of police provoked shootings and beatings that satz will protect? Does tis mean greater use of assault weapons agaisnt innocent citizens. Oh boy--sounds like fun, fun, fun.
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  • 12/30/2012 12:44 PM whose fooling who wrote:
    I have a few questions I would LOVE an answer to...

    Q: Isn't pretrial a form of sentencing?
    Q: How can a person be sentenced to ANYTHING (Pretrial) If they haven't been tried?
    Q: Are Defendants really released on Pre-Trial for free?
    Q: Doesn't a Defendant have to REPORT TO and PAY FOR Pretrial services? (government revenue)
    Q: How has this program been a success?
    Q: Who goes after that child rapist who didnt show up for court and has now fled the state?
    Q: How many of YOU Counsels would accept Pre-trial services for yourselves?

    Pretrial is a VIOLATION of your CIVIL RIGHTS!

    "Violent Criminals" and 'Habitual Offenders' were released with a 'promise' to appear in court? Really???
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  • 1/2/2013 4:53 PM Anonymous wrote:
    If it were not for pre trial release my child would still be alive. I left her there for a reason to teach her a lession. Pretrial taught me a lession real fast quick. Get rid of it.
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  • 1/2/2013 4:57 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Happy New Year Mr.Gelin. Boy oh boy I woundeer what this year holds for us all? Will real changes come for the best? Time will tell. I sure pray so.Keep up the good work. HNY
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  • 1/3/2013 3:36 AM Articles wrote:
    It was nice bloodbath.
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  • 1/3/2013 5:35 PM Anonymous wrote:
    same here. I remain hopefull for a lot of reasons
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  • 2/7/2013 10:17 PM Positive Change wrote:
    Hope this is a change in the postive direction
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