David Crow's Report Of Referee

Gardiner's Closing Argument - Some nice Rogow and Satz bashing, but not so much for the blog this time ... 

Florida Bar's Amended Closing Argument - Bar counsel joins Alu in saying Gardiner lied during the trial, specifically concerning her relationship with Tenzer.  Will the Bar take further action, based upon their own conclusions regarding Gardiner's testimony? ...

Gardiner's Memo As To Aggravating And Mitigating Factors

Gardiner's Motion For Retroactive Application Of Suspension

Gardiner's Supplemental Motion For Retroactive Suspension

Florida Bar's Response To Motion For Retroactive Suspension

Gardiner's Response To Florida Bar's Opposition To Retroactive Suspension

SS: Ex-Broward judge's conduct warrants one-year suspension

THERE GO DA JUDGE  & JUDGING ANA - let's talk reputation for real ...

Coming Soon - Broward judges inundated with requests for "Retroactive Sentencing"; BSO Drones!

 They don't feel sorry for her either ...

Meet Wilson Jean ...

        Happy 2013 - "The Year Of Sporadic Blogging"

Oh honey, you're so vicious ...

"A review of the record as a whole, including exhibits, reveals one inescapable
conclusion: an emotionally troubled Judge, beset by family issues, depression,
constant battering of a vicious, and largely false series of allegations from a
courthouse blog made by anonymous "posters", misunderstood - at worst - even
assuming that phone calls and texts were in Judge Wolfe's mind - a question relating to "a social relationship" in the throes of that emotional upset, and while hysterically sobbing by the observations of Judge Backman, and impaired in her thinking by Dr. Michael Brannon; subsequently, as soon as she was asked the question, with specificity, several months later, by the public defender during a Relinquishment deposition, concerning telephone calls and contacts, she candidly, forthrightly and honestly answered the questions about them.
                    -J. David Bogenschutz
        (p. 22-23,
Respondent's Closing Argument)

Coming Soon - Remember all the anonymous lies/posts about Sheila Alu?; JAABLOG Revisited: The Many Faces Of Paul Backman; Is it manifest injustice to be imprisoned by "an emotionally troubled Judge"?; Seth Penalver jurors reunion - with guest of honor Penalver?


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  • 1/14/2013 8:16 PM Chutzpah wrote:
    It never ends
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  • 1/14/2013 8:21 PM Old and In The Way wrote:
    It all boils down to the Supremes. None of the cases cited in her closing have the length and breath of the kind of misconduct here. If she gets the year she'll be lucky
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  • 1/15/2013 12:01 AM Anonymous wrote:
    she should have to pay for the 2nd trial
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  • 1/15/2013 12:04 AM Anonymous wrote:
    Anybody know if Lance Armstrong is single?
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  • 1/15/2013 10:18 AM Anonymous wrote:
    She should have gotten 5 year suspension at least. What a bunch of crap. I guess those that wear black can get away with almost anything. It's Broward County after all. Both she and her attorney look really bad on this one.
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  • 1/15/2013 12:20 PM 666 wrote:
    Can almost forgive Bogie for being blinded by the younger woman. However, the list of character witnessess who testified for her should all be disgusted with themselves. Every witness who testified for her lied about her. Ana should be made to pay for the entire cost of the second trial before she is even considered for reinstatement. "
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  • 1/15/2013 2:21 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Which Judges testified?
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  • 1/16/2013 4:25 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Tonya A. finally reported the situation the way it should have been. With so many members of the mainstream press catering to the wrongdoing of Broward Judges, it's good to see someone take on yet another errant Broward judge and report it accordingly.
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  • 1/18/2013 1:40 AM Anonymous wrote:
    Boganschutz closing is so over the top in its use of language that it sounds utterly ridiculous. Too much said to the point of desperation. No wonder they saw right through it.
    When he makes his arguments to the alledged political decisions made, he should understand the implications because he's used politics more than most in his career.
    There's enough hypocrisy involved in his argument to choke a truckload of mules.
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  • 1/28/2013 1:06 PM stallcleaner wrote:
    Hogwash from the biggest HOG/ Pig of them all. What would boogie say if she did what she did to one of his clients? Pick-it and flick it?
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  • 11/1/2013 11:25 AM fraud lifestyle speaker wrote:
    “Rather fail with honor than succeed by fraud.”
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  • 11/8/2013 11:28 AM win free products wrote:
    Whenever I have bid a hasty goodbye to a loved one, I've always made sure that my record collection was safely stored away in the boot of the car.
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