Introducing Auryiah Najae Cooper, 8.10 lbs, 19.5 inches ...

JNC Update
- Jamie Finizio Bascombe, JNC Chair, left word late this afternoon that the interview schedule will not be available until Thursday morning.  It was originally slated for release today, but if history is any example, they probably wanted to notify the applicants before everyone read about it on some stupid blog.  Lots of eyes on this one, and apparently a whole lot of heavy-handed infighting going on.  People are saying Stacy Ross has more than a strong shot due to patented Scherer Support IF she gets out of committee (although a Conrad & Scherer lawyer, Maxine Streeter, also put in, further complicating things), which means others may have an interest in keeping her name from the Governor.  In any event, we'll post the interview names as soon as they're emailed ...

2014 Update - Russ Thompson has filed in Mel Grossman's spot, and Julie Harris is squatting in Jeff Streitfeld's seat.  All eyes are on Marc Gold and Patti Henning to confirm possible retirements.  Stacey Schulman and Mike Lynch are two new names rumored to be considering a run, in addition to many familiar faces from past election cycles who know perseverance is the only tried and true method to becoming a judge.  There's also a strong buzz going 'round that Ian Richards may face a challenge, as payback for knocking out Catalina Avalos six years back.  The rumored opponent has also put in for Susan Aramony's spot, so we won't out him just yet.  Lastly, in the "no way" department, Melissa Steinberg states for the record she's definitely not a candidate in 2014 ...

40th Anniversary Blues - if Satz keeps his campaign promise to run again in 2016, he may have more trouble than he bargained for.  Lots of talk, and lots of lessons learned from the last go round ...

Attention Palm Beach lawyers - Political Consultant Dan Lewis says: "I'm willing to support and do whatever it takes to assist any qualified candidate running against Judge Debra Stephens.  I will join any exploratory committee or kitchen cabinet supporting qualified challengers, and I will aggressively volunteer my time and devote as many resources as possible".

That's quite an offer, considering Dan estimates he's been involved with "several hundred" judicial campaigns statewide over the last twenty years.  He's got a database of eighty-five million addresses which he can easily email, and you can read all about it at

And that's not all.  A prominent Palm Beach lawyer has also committed to joining a qualified candidate's steering committee, and will help to raise money.  He's willing to go public as soon as you are.  Just drop a line to to get the ball rolling ...

Welcome Baby Auryiah! - luckily for everyone the little bundle of joy pictured above was born in a hospital, and not the Palm Beach County Jail.  It was an awful close call after Auryiah's Mom, Lashundria Brown, was jailed at roughly thirty-eight weeks for five days, following a guilty verdict on a misdemeanor battery charge before Marni Bryson.  Bryson, pregnant herself, apparently was unmoved by a young APD's plea not to send his soon-to-deliver client to lock-up, or by the State's recommendation of Time Served.  We're happy to report that everything worked out in the end, despite some unneeded and dangerous stress for the Cooper/Brown family ...

Coming Soon - The JAABLOG Interview: Howard Finkelstein; You, Me & the JQC; There you go again: The Florida Bar changes rules mid-game yet again; GARDINER & SCHEINBERG; Porn Hub, IPads, and Prostate Health; Who wants to be the Chief Judge?

What's up at Perry's Homestead? (4/19)

            JAABLOG's Back - Is everybody having fun so far?

                    Bo & Jerry with Nick Nolte
advising on Cape Fear)


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  • 5/30/2013 7:09 AM leavemarnialone wrote:
    It should not be that hard to stay out of jail when your 38 months pregnant. It's not that hard to stay out of jail period. No sympathy for Lashundria. Hey get a clue if your pregnant don't fight.
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  • 5/30/2013 7:59 AM Anonymous wrote:
    Someone accused of battery has to be a little off to begin with.
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  • 5/30/2013 9:35 AM merit muff wrote:
    Just the usual suspects before the JNC with the biggest suspect and incidentally the most worthless said to be pulling out front? Just another Baby Ross Sauce pig in a blanket looking to follow on Daddy's lead to suck the hardest and the longest.
    Broward's the Best, ain't it? You gotta admit, the sauce is about as rancid as you can get and politically as corrupt and they still serve it out in heaps that stink to high heaven! Don't forget: It's a merit process!
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  • 5/30/2013 9:49 AM NIGHT TRAIN wrote:
    Hey Perry You got to give a little to get a little is how it goes. Don't you know where you live. know its your shell game but your not moving your shells fast or far enough if you don't know where you living at. What kinda boos you sell outta Frankies Pakage Stow anyway? My favorate is Night Train. Sounds like you better get on the Night Train yoursef if you gonna make it a name changer.
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  • 5/30/2013 10:41 AM Anonymous wrote:
    Apparently, all you have to be is a politician or judge in this town and the regular rules just don't apply. The Feds really need to take a closer look into politics as usual in broward. It's the only way they'll ever clean it up.
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  • 5/30/2013 3:10 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Prostate health?

    I've seen Judges carrying Ipads.

    Is that what they do with them?
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  • 5/30/2013 4:33 PM Thurston's roommate wrote:
    Was the news about Thurston and the felon in the Sentinel?
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  • 5/31/2013 11:16 AM Anonymous wrote:
    I saw Jay White's name on the JQC members link. Wasn't he a Judge Bryson supporter?
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  • 5/31/2013 6:46 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Gelin you've lost it. Based on your ridiculous premise here since Bryson is a woman, she should go light on sentencing women too? Isn't that everything you say you fight against? Hypocrite.

    Your hatred for a good judge that schooled you is clouding what very little judgement you had.
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  • 5/31/2013 7:08 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Finally. It seemed all the fight had been kicked clean out by the reigning champ. But what happens when there's no black cloak for protection?
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  • 5/31/2013 7:32 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Maybe that Brown chick got into it because she couldn't drink or smoke? Being pregnant is stressful enough even without being able to live your normal life. What u think?
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  • 5/31/2013 7:38 PM The little things wrote:
    There's always chewing your own nails to the nub.
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  • 5/31/2013 7:40 PM Anonymous wrote:
    After paying for the therapists I'm surprised there was anything left for politics.
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  • 1/17/2014 12:06 PM One life australia wrote:
    I really appreciate the work of Roy McDonald and his team and wish them best of luck and highly recommended for those who really want to changed the way they live their life.
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