Attention ASA's - your office is haunted.  By ghosts.  Real live ones, mostly inhabiting the sixth floor offices where Satz can be found hiding most days. 

Their names are too numerous to mention, as many are unknown.  But they have one thing in common, as all were falsely convicted by the man you call boss.

Jerry Frank Townsend was one such victim.  His conviction ended the search for a serial killer who went on to kill ten more women and children.  Police lied and cheated to make it happen. 

Frank Lee Smith is another.  His story was told by PBS's award winning Frontline.  Smith was cleared by DNA evidence, but not before he died from cancer on Death Row.  Terms of settlement with BSO and the detectives who sent Smith away should hopefully be made public soon.

Anthony Caravella  is also a familiar name.  A jury recently ordered a huge verdict against some of the former cops who did him in, after the tireless efforts of Diane Cuddihy and Barbara Heyer to see justice done.

Sonia Jacobs is yet another.  Her story was featured in two major Hollywood productions, one of which features the immortal line "What rock did that guy crawl out from under?", concerning your illustrious leader.

John Purvis and Tim Brown are two other known victims.  Christopher Clugston, who contracted HIV after being gang raped in prison, is yet another.  

a 2012 article by BrowardBulldog's Dan Christensen:

A study released in May by the National Registry of Exonerations showed that Broward accounted for nine of Florida’s 32 exonerations since 1989 – more than twice as many as any other county in the state. Most of those exonerated defendants were black.

Many of the aforementioned exonerated suffered from mental disabilities, making them particularly vulnerable to police malfeasance and your leader's laissez-faire attitude toward same.  Chillingly, Satz has thus far refused to publicly accept an iota of responsibility for any known miscarriage of justice (despite enjoying prosecutorial immunity), while all of the victims still with us wait in vain for an apology from the man you call "Mr. Satz".

It's not like any of this is news, which is why Satz's inability to respond both personally and meaningfully to any of Howard Finkelstein's complaints regarding common sense Brady Obligations is truly disturbing.  One would think with so many ghosts already flying around, Satz would do anything to clear the air.  But that just doesn't seem to be the case, as evidenced by
today's letter  from the Public Defender concerning Officer Lee Coel, last week's missive concerning Detective Steven Greenlaw, and Tuesday's coverage  of Finkelstein's public criticism of Satz's overall handling of police misconduct in Broward.

Hopefully this little ghost story held your attention.  It's not like you need them following you around the rest of your lives as well ...

Prosecutor Rich Tuttle apologizes as Robert Dewey exonerated by DNA

Movin' on down? - yes, the Bar is apparently taking some of Jack Thompson's complaints seriously. 
Click here  to see their letter confirming the opening of a file against Perry Thurston, after allegations surfaced concerning where the House Minority Leader actually resides.  For his part, Thurston stated unequivocally "Of course I do," when we asked him last week whether he does in fact live in the district that put him in office.  Whatever the case may be, it'll be interesting to see if the Bar follows through, as term-limited Thurston mulls a bid for Florida Senate or Attorney General ...

SAO Movement - Stefanie Newman out of SPU, in as Felony Supervisor; Hunter Davis out as Felony Supervisor, in for Newman at SPU; Adriana Alcalde out of SPU, in for Pete Holden in Homicide ...

Wednesday Reversals -
Matt Destry - Reversed & Remanded For New Trial; David Haimes - Reversed & Remanded; Cindy Imperato - Reversed and Remanded for Further Expeditious Proceedings; Richard Eade - Reversed & Remanded; Carol Lisa-Phillips - Reversed In Part And Remanded; John Kastrenakes - Writ Granted, Remanded For New Trial; Susan Lubitz - Reversed & Remanded.

Coming Soon - Trader Joe's!; Lisa Lampanelli on today's Supreme Court rulings; Florida Bar salaries; The Supreme Court Establishes The Scheinberg Precedent; Should Lawyers Unionize?: Protection against Judges, the Bar, and Law Firm Partners; Why does the Bar really allow judges to file complaints anonymously?

The lines we crossed, just to climb those hills ...

                    Adios Chuck!

Be sure to stop by McGuire's this Friday to wish Chuck Morton bon voyage, following his last official day at the SAO.  He's got one more trial to wrap up as a Special Prosecutor, and a more formal sendoff is also planned, but Chuck will otherwise be making himself pretty scarce around the courthouse after this week.  Warning: war stories will abound ...



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  • 6/27/2013 7:20 AM Dead Dan Futch wrote:
    It's a crime to beat up a homosexual but it ain't illegal for them to marry? I'm glad I'm dead.
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  • 6/27/2013 7:21 AM Dead Dan Futch wrote:
    It's a crime to beat up a homosexual but it ain't illegal for them to marry? I'm glad I'm dead.
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  • 6/27/2013 8:22 AM Paula Deen wrote:
    Is that you Dan? I haven't heard from you in a pig's ear!
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  • 6/27/2013 12:21 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Satzie how come a Jewish State Attorney let a anti-Semitic Judge harass young Jewish prosecutors?
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  • 6/27/2013 12:55 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Satz has to live with it. I'm guessing he don't believe in reincarnation. Maybe he could be the innocent guy getting raped in prison in the next life. Let's consult the ouja board for clues.
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  • 6/27/2013 2:57 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Give Thurston a break. I wouldn't want to live in Shittrunk either.
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  • 6/27/2013 3:49 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Somebody should revoke Mike's bond. He's a danger. Such irresponsible and sloppy work with so much at stake.
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  • 6/27/2013 5:29 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Judge Bob must be the most unpopular person in the lunch room these days.
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  • 6/27/2013 6:05 PM Re union wrote:
    The Bar wouldn't allow unionization.
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  • 6/27/2013 7:59 PM Anonymous wrote:
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  • 6/27/2013 9:38 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Is anything going on with Laura Watson and The Bar?
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  • 6/30/2013 8:29 AM Perry Happy Wanderer Thurston wrote:
    Jack Thompson has this to share this morning. Happy Independence Day, lawyers. Now, let's destroy The Florida Bar to celebrate that independence:
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  • 6/30/2013 8:43 PM Reads the sun sentinel says wrote:
    So Marc Gold was dumb enough to declare a mistrial in the steroid prosecution of a cop after jeopardy attached? Come on maaaan......
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  • 7/1/2013 11:46 AM my a wrote:
    yeah--give Perry a pass--he's black and that make him special--the rules and the laws don't apply to him.
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  • 7/5/2013 11:08 AM Is Jack Thompson Gay wrote:
    The answer is NO, I am not gay. Those who are gay and insist upon foisting upon the rest of us the demand that we must toe their radical gay line need to understand that our position on this stems from our deep religious faith, not because we are closeted gays.

    I share all this illumination with all the lawyers of Broward County because Pope Francis has just released his first encyclical, which makes it clear that marriage, in God's plan, is to be between one man and one woman. Read of this brilliant statement of our faith, both Protestant and Roman Catholic, at .

    This is highly relevant to point out at this blog, because The Florida Bar, egged on by radical gay rights activists, disbarred me because The Bar could not tolerate a person of faith pursuing a Biblical agenda rather than a Satanic one. My designated reviewer, Steve Chaykin, publicly stated that anyone who opposes gay adoption must be disbarred. This now dead man got his wish.

    So, you all can pursue, as a lawyer, any agenda you want, as long as it does not piss off The Bar. This blog and its owner need to understand that. The Bar is not going to drop its persecution
    of this blog and its owner without being told by a federal court to knock it off. Jack Thompson and you're not (congratulations on that)
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  • 7/5/2013 11:11 AM Warspite wrote:
    Wait a second. Marc Gold, an alleged judge, declared a mistrial after jeopardy attached! And the reason was... his schedule!

    This judge didn't know a vital principle of criminal law proceedings that has been established law for 35 years. I have no idea if his law school taught criminal procedure, Con law (you know, stuff like that), etc., but given his time on the bench he should have surmounted any law school non-education.

    So, does the Chief Judge advise the JQC, or does everyone pretend it didn't happen?
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  • 7/6/2013 2:00 PM All That Glitters is Not Gold wrote:
    And should we also look over all of the embarrassing moments of forgetfullness by Judge Gold during critical moments of hearings and trials? Everyone talks about it in the hallways and in the cafeteria but no defense attorney really wants to lose his liberal sentencings from the bench. I know it's not nice to say, but shouldn't someone gently suggest to him that it might be time to walk away now before his decline gets any worse and it affects more criminal proceedings?
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  • 7/6/2013 7:58 PM Dont have to accept it wrote:
    @ 11:08 so some people think they have the right to be gay and make every one accept the fact. Well guess what, some of us will always think it's sick, queer shit and want no part of it. IT'S OUR RIGHT TO FEEL THIS WAY!!!!
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  • 7/6/2013 8:32 PM Rights and Wrongs wrote:
    Free expression is a right.
    Hate is a wrong.
    Bibles are better doorstops than moral codes.
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  • 7/6/2013 8:34 PM Anonymous wrote:
    @ 8:32 I think the Bible spells it out pretty plain, queer crap is WRONG.
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  • 7/6/2013 9:18 PM Rights and Wrongs wrote:
    I rest my case.
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  • 7/6/2013 10:22 PM Jack Thompson Not Gay wrote:
    Gee, what a freaking surprise: Radical gays violently attacked Christian protesters (see below link), which makes the point that you have to agree with the gay rights crowd or your alleged intolerance will be met with real intolerance:
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  • 7/7/2013 12:09 AM Feeling the Love wrote:
    Oh Jack,

    Please research the following:

    "Holy" Crusades (including the wonderfully delightful Children's Crusade)
    Spanish Inquistion
    Salem Witch Trials
    Abortion Clinic Bombings/Shooting
    Civil Unrest in Northern Ireland
    The Bush War in Iraq (god told him to)
    Reply to this
  • 7/7/2013 8:26 AM Jack Thompson wrote:
    Oh, Jack? We're talking about gay intolerance. Even the term is a redundancy. I'm sure you want to change the topic, but that's the topic: the relentless, hateful, spiteful, narrow, destructive and self-destructive intolerance of many gays of those who don't accept their death style as normal.

    Deal with that, you knucklehead.
    Reply to this
  • 7/7/2013 1:31 PM Oooohhhhh Jaaaaack wrote:
    This quote from your little book of horrors may tend to make homosexuals a little concerned don't you think? I can just feel the love!

    Leviticus 20:13
    "If a man practices homosexuality, having sex with another man as with a woman, both men have committed a detestable act. They must both be put to death, for they are guilty of a capital offense." (NLT)
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  • 7/7/2013 3:35 PM Jack Thompson wrote:
    Apparently you're not aware that there is a New Testament. Jesus Christ, who actually lived and who is as alive as you and I now, came to provide a new covenant that does not include killing homosexuals. You really ought to read the New Testament sometime rather than get what you think it says, secondhand from The Advocate.

    And your comment that the Bible should be best used as a doorstop pretty much embodies the intolerance--the hatred, really--that others of us here and elsewhere have identified as your pro-gay hallmark.

    And of course you won't identify yourself but hide behind fake names because you can't handle the criticism that you heap, ten-fold, on those who actually act upon and identify fully with their faith.

    So get lost, you coward. Not interested further in your blind, anonymous hatred. Jack Thompson
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  • 7/7/2013 5:00 PM Anonymous wrote:
    All I know is if my son comes home acting like a pussy and making out with some dude I'm going to puke!!! I was born and raised a catholic and my beliefs are not going to change at this stage of my life.
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  • 7/7/2013 6:08 PM Its a girl wrote:
    Look on the bright side. If your son is gay and he is the woman in the relationship then you have a daughter also.
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  • 7/7/2013 8:46 PM OOOOOHHHH JAAAACCK wrote:
    Thanks for the kind clarification Jack. You are always so willing to assist others who are not as learned as yourself in a variety of important matters. Oh yeah, one thing, wasn't that the same god in the Old Testament and the New Testament? And I can definitely see from your posts above how the arrival of Jesus has changed the views of the religious to a more tolerant perspective. You should be commended Jack. Now back to my nifty new doorstop.
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  • 7/17/2013 7:17 PM jim wrote:
    Now I'll have Chuck to hang out with and throw a few back. Its lonely out here.
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